A destination event to postpone? Stay Positive!

Updated April 29, 2020

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The year 2020 was supposed to be an iconic wedding, elopement and proposal year, with this pretty date, like 2000. And this unwanted guest popped up … The Covid-19 moved us all. This health crisis has pushed event planning stress to unprecedented levels, for all fiancés around the world. But, what if you planned abroad and are not fluent in the local language? You might be even more lost without a bilingual planner by your side.
That’s why, I started this article on March 27, to tell the local AND destination bride and groom, that you are not alone and here are some tips for you…



First thing first: do you still support your other half at the end of your local confinement? Then your wedding will only be even more beautiful and symbolic! And it will be even more wonderful to gather your loved ones to celebrate your love and to hug them tightly!

Postpone do not Cancel! If you want all your guests to be present and you feel chilly about moving by September or later then shift to 2021. Especially because 2020 has been very popular over the last 2 or 3 years, even the end of year months are already well booked.

Whatever your decision is, double check cancellation and postponement clauses (with specific costs if there are any) with each supplier! Do not hesitate to ask for official translation (not a Google one… maybe by reaching out to your closer French embassy).

And breathe, you know what? Even without confinement, weddings, elopements and proposals can be postponed or cancelled for any other reason…

What did I say to my soon to be 2020 and 2021 newlyweds? Do not panic and stay positive, you already have an unbeatable chance: you found love! Plus you are not alone, I am in the same boat by our side! 

Let your bulwark, as myself a professional private event planner – stronger thanks to my latest event management during this health crisis – to guide and advise you through this international upheaval. Do not hesitate to share my article with all impacted persons and to contact me directly fiona@heralutece.com.

A professional by your side

A wedding planner is not a Google planner

Some couples still have doubts about the benefits of hiring a destination planner: for budget reasons, or fear of losing control over their wedding organization, but generally because they do not see the benefits.
My job is to assist you in the budgetary, operational, logistical and artistic organization of your event, without being lost in translation. Throughout the organization, I am your pressure relief key and central point of contact for all vendors and your loved ones if necessary. And on D-day? Well I took care of the behind the scene, set up and coordination ^^
My objective ? That you only keep in mind the fun part of the planning (selections of themes, decor, suppliers, etc.) and of the big day (enjoying with your loved ones).

Your Ambassador to your vendors

My previous and current clients know this too well: I double check each vendor contract – which they meet and choose from a pre-selection list made according to their aesthetic, artistic and budgetary criteria.
Because, I am a destination wedding planner expert since 2010, I know how to save you money (and does that make my fees profitable ?!)! Because yes, it’s also my job … (1) You have access to vendors, you wouldn’t even dare asking a quote. (2) I negotiate any options and prices if possible. (3) I avoid unpleasant surprises as D-Day approaches by managing the full budget allocation. (4) I check the balance payment requests on D-day or after …
In short, the budget is under control, through all the organisation.

During a crisis time

A wedding planner is your proactive advocate for when your plans are about to be changed. Since 2010, I had to manage 3 cancellations during the organization due to break-ups (:( ), and some postponements for example due to health issues for one of the key guests. I make all my resources available, finding new availability among the booked vendors and know which new ones will be suitable in case of modification. As a destination bilingual planner, I find flexibility through my network and relationships to help reduce the additional costs of modifications.

Postpone your destination event

Wedding and Elopement
Breathe and
stay positive.

It even happens outside a pandemic… Think of new dates between you two to start. Sort your wedding folder.

Choose a
new date.

Use a Doodle. Check the availability of the Town Hall & the main vendors. Then the others. Please be prepared to adapt.

Inform each

Confirm with each vendor the new date. And above all, ask for an amendment to the contract! Change your other reservations.

Inform all
your guests.

On your phones, this is an opportunity to hear from them! And / or an email group, even through your wedding site.

Update your

This is an opportunity to review your decoration. New season, local flowers, prints (an update)? Make your creations.

It is done
Wise Decision!

Relax! Now you can think of all the little details of your big day (before and after)… to tweak it!

Meanwhile, tweak your big day!

Your Soundtrack

Listen to your favorite songs and prepare a selection to share with your future music master.

Wear your shoes

Do you have your shoes? Walk with them at home, they will not be damaged and you will have less pain on D-Day.

Your Wedding Website

Create your wedding site! This site centralizes the sharing of informations with all your guests (without forgetting any).

D-Day Coordination

List all the tasks for the D-day, D-1 and D + 1. Create a planning or hire a coordinator. You’ve worked enough like this!

Fleurs de saison Mariage 6

``Stay Positive`` Packages

For my clients, I started the postpone challenge beginning of February 2020. Then, from March 19th, future brides and grooms – non Héra and Lutèce – contacted me via my website, Instagram, Zankyou and WeddingWire for emergency assistance. Indeed, since the creation of my agency (May 2010 😉), I have been offering an “à la carte” service, including consultation calls service…
So I created two packages to respond more quickly to the different needs of couples

• A wedding gift? Offer one of my packages below to one of your loved ones soon to be married •

Limited costs: you benefit from my advice and my help without committing to a formula. Like all my other services, I can tailor-make according to your needs!
Appointment only by phone or video, weekdays and weekends.

Coup de Pouce

Helping Consultation
130/2h30 (VAT)

Personalized answers to your questions

Help with contract renegotiation arguments

For 5 hours: 230 € VAT

For 10 hours:  490 € VAT

Bonne étoile

Lucky Star
800TTC / à partir de

Personalized answers to your questions

Reading of each contract, recommendations and high level translation

2 meetings/vendor or theme


Postpone first! I know this is heartbreaking but it is only postponed. (1) This saves you from financial inconvenience. (2) And above all you spent hours, weeks and months or a year organizing everything, so don’t lose everything!
And you will be even happier to celebrate your marriage after having passed this health crisis. In addition, you have more time to refine your D-day and prepare your big day schedule!

I know it’s difficult but you have to be flexible and patient. It will surely allow you to be better prepare for this day that always goes by too quickly! (1) Think among yourselves about other dates or other periods. (2) Contact the town hall (and religious center) for their availability, (3) then contact your main vendors (venue, caterer, photographer) and secondary vendors. You can create a Doodle, it greatly facilitates the dates availabilities and avoid any translation issues. (4) Notify your guests without delay, and coordinate the other providers on the new date.
You risk having cancellations among your guests, so if you wish, you can also probe your main guests!

We are all hanging on latest news from our government and on the health situation improvement. As you noticed, the news can change overnight. So, I cannot advise you to postpone your wedding if it takes place in August, September or later 2020 at this stage. But stay informed and communicate with your vendors. Don’t forget to probe your main guests, if they have no constraints… But so far, French boarders and US boarders are closed until further notice, and no more than 10 persons can be reunited in France until June.
And above all, my advice is to plan your plan B now! You will be able to activate it easily as soon as possible if necessary.

Only in case of cancellation. Above all, keep in mind that your vendor is also a delicate position, having to face a total cessation of their activity and therefore an extraordinary delicate period for their business.
If your vendor has not engaged any work related to your wedding (unlike a wedding planner for example), and if a contractual clause stipulates cancellation costs including in the event of force majeure, you can ask to have it applied. But be aware that according to article 1218 of the French Civil Code, “there is force majeure in contractual matters when an event beyond the control of the debtor, which could not have been reasonably foreseen at the conclusion of the contract and whose effects cannot be avoided by appropriate measures, prevents the debtor’s performance of his obligation ”. But it is in the interest of your vendor to do everything to keep a good customer relationship and bad opinions about his business will not be favorable to him. Be patient!

Elopement Photo Shooting in Paris


Stay positive! If you don’t have a planner or coordinator as bulwark, then above all maintain good communication with all your vendors. They want your event to happen as much as you do, believe me (this is my case for my future newlyweds 2020).
Why not add a surprise, a touch, or an activity of all this upheaval on D-Day?
Take the time for yourself, because even a big day postponed will arrive very quickly and passes even more quickly.

Wishing good luck to all the brides and grooms to-be out there!
I am here to help and support you! So please, do not hesitate to contact me, it’s my job and passion!
Stay safe & take care of yourself and your loves.

xoxo Fiona

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