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We carry a strong signature branding that made us stand out from the rest. In fact, from conceptualization to design and planning, our creative team go above and beyond our client’s expectations.
Fiona transforms any space into an enchanting scene, ideal for hosting any matchless, elegant, no detail overlooked, personalized end-to-end event.

Our leitmotiv is “going green”. An eco-friendly or “green” event means taking into highest consideration the environmental impact of service and suppliers and the companies they represent.

Adopt our eco-friendly event label

In the last decade “going green” has meant more than just recycling bottles and avoiding plastic. Environmentally friendly event practices aren’t reserved for a niche but for those willing to make a conscious effort to positively impact the world around them.

For the three consecutive year, Fiona, the founder of Héra et Lutèce, implemented her EFE label, more and more in the pre-planning stages of each event. The key milestones to influence your event sustainability are:

  • Go green in your event planning, guide by Héra et Lutèce.
  • Think eco-design and raise awareness among the suppliers.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Opt for event food and beverage that’s sustainable.
  • Challenge yourself to a zero waste treatment after the event.
  • And, don’t forget about the servers impact…

Our label is based on the ISO 20121 Standard for an Eco-Friendly event.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake and making your elopement, wedding or private event eco-friendly. We are here to help you find the ways to make your event eco-responsible and stress-free. Contact-us to schedule a consultation:

Créations Sur-Mesure

handmade in our Parisian atelier
FOR our clientele' wishes & Vision
Respecting our Eco-friendly event Label
Couture projects: tote bags, bow tie, mini pouch, etc.
Personalization of jars, center tables, bottles.
Champagne or wine corks messages.
Paper game tables to be bespoken.
Any other creative idea to sublimate your event …
Have a look at our creations highlights here.

Creations Highlights

handmade in our Parisian atelier for our clientele' wishes
handmade in our Parisian atelier for our clientele' wishes

Various Jars & Bottles

Personalized Rentals

Tote Bags

Couture projects

Wine & champagne Corks

Dedicated messages

French Artisanal sweets

candy bar creation

Ping Pong & Soccer

Paper Tables to be bespoken

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various requested creations

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