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“Photography is a brief complicity between foresight and chance”

John Stuart Mill

We carry a strong signature branding that made us stand out from the rest. In fact, from conceptualization to design and planning, our creative team go above and beyond our client’s expectations. 

To begin with, Fiona transforms any space into an enchanting scene, ideal for hosting any matchless, elegant, no detail overlooked, personalized end-to-end event.

Our weddings and elopements are magical. Moreover, they tell stories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Therefore, we work closely with each photographer to immortalize your wedding in France in memorable and unique pictures.

A big thanks to our lovely couples for trusting us and for being such inspiring!

Matt & Johnny Wishes

To have memories of their travel and elopement with amazing pictures in Paris at non tourists and tourists areas.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

In short: recommandation of sites, hours to avoid the crowd in tourist area and corners/streets to have the best background.

Inner Paris

Elegant vineyard wedding

Pauline & Clément Wishes

All in Pauline family region. A welcome dinner close to the wedding venue city. Catholic ceremony. Intimate castle. Personalized decor and props. Brunch. Local chef and winery producer.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full bespoke planning and design. End-to-end customatization of the scenography. Creation of all props and decoration by the bride Pauline and Fiona.

wedding in a FEUDAL castle

M&S Wishes

Multi-cultural reception for guests coming from all over Europe. Rustic chic atmosphere. Medieval props for the photobooth.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Partial planning. Full design. All props creation. Coordination of the guests surprises. Management of the music during the cocktail.


Color Block Garden Party

Pia & Luc Wishes

An elegant color wedding close to Vincennes. Family house venue style with accommodations. Gospel choir. Garden party style for the dinner with African chef.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full planning & design. Aesthetic coordination, focus with the caterer to ensure the theme is fully declined. Creation of paper tennis table and table soccer.

Matthieu Photographer

Art Gallery elopement

M&J Wishes

Welcome dinner in Paris. Marriage celebration in their favorite art gallery in Paris. Dinner at a restaurant then a party in a private mansion.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full planning and design (Welcome dinner, ceremony, cocktail, dinner and party). Props creation. Preparation of tote bags gifts for the guests. Concierge.

Inner Paris

Live Painting & Dreamcatcher

Maéva & Hervé Wishes

A family house in Normandy, with accommodations. Organize a live painting for and with the guests. Theme: feathers, eternal flowers, astrology.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full planning & design. Creation of a live painting area: installation, guests guidance, venue cleaning. Creation of all props, accessories, including dreamcatchers.

Exclusive Multi-Cultural Wedding

B&B Wishes

Castle with accommodation around 3 hours from Paris. Cameroonian Gospel choir. Scottish big-pipes player. Normandy welcome dinner menu. Multi-cultural brunch.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full planning & design (Welcome dinner, religious ceremony, cocktail, dinner, party, brunch). All props and stationery creation.

Loire Valley

Medieval castle multi days wedding

Pauline & Francis Wishes

A medieval castle close to Paris, with accomodations for all the guests. Traditional religious wedding with French gastronomic dinner.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full wedding planning & design.


Pre catelan Destination wedding

Line & Willy Wishes

Luxury wedding in Paris or close to Paris, with a garden and on site religious ceremony.

Héra et Lutèce Mission

Full planning & design. Find a Cameroonian gospel choir. and a local Cameroonian pastor.

Inner Paris

Save the Date Shoots

A&G Wishes

A medieval castle close to Paris, with accomodations for all the guests. Traditional religious wedding with French gastronomic dinner.


Design, Creative Direction.

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