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Goddess of marriage and family in ancient Greek mythology, one of the twelve Olympians and the wife of Zeus. She is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

Predecessor of the modern-day city of Paris, from about the middle of the 3rd century BCE. Traces of Neolithic settlement have also been found at the former site of the city.

Peacocks, worshipped birds, are symbolic of re-growth, respect, honor, and integrity. They are also a symbol of beauty, love, and passion.

It is also one of Hérasymbol.

Bonjour, nice to e-meet you!

This is not just a job for me, it is my passion. Once you become a client, it’s the beginning of a lovely friendship.

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I'm Fiona SAND

Founder and creative director of Héra et Lutèce

Born in Paris in August 1983, from a Cameroonian mother and a British father.

My nickname is “Code Quantum”, because I am an math and quantitative finance engineer lover of the Arts and History. And, while working as a trader for CIB for 7 years, I was organizing and decorating private events.

Naturally in May 2010, wedding planning and design has become my profession of heart.

In September 2014, I married my Normandy partner in crime. And we are blessed since January 2021 with a charming full of life baby boy.

Top destination wedding planner Paris Hera et Lutece
Top french wedding planner

Methodical, creative and dynamic, above all I am pragmatic perfectionist.

Each project is a new creation for and with my clients, whom I love to surprise with my ideas. I want my clients to dare their own style. That is why everything I do is 100% sur mesure for them.

Why do I love my job? The self-fulfillment in achieving and realizing their desires. To weave high quality design elements into experiences that feel comforting and reflect a shining sense of hospitality.

My role is to be your new confidante to create an effortless experience for beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Some stuff you need to know about me

languages i speak

My best wedding moment

The first look

French, English, Douala, Spanish

My favorite flowers are

i've traveled to

43 countries around the world

Ranunculus, peonies, cyclamen

i am addicted to

nothing makes me happier than

Seeing my baby smile

Olives and French bread

my perfect hobby

my dream is

Restoring an old French castle

Listen to music and dance

Maurizio & Sébastien

You definitely need Fiona and here is why… This was the best moment in our life. It was well-prepared up to the very little details. It turned out that Fiona was very helpful and also of good advice throughout the overall planning process which we meant to manage on our own. She always found the right words and ideas to guide us into the direction we wanted. We did under estimate the effort needed for decoration and making the location look pretty. Fortunately we could buy this service from Fiona. She and her associate did such a fantastic job. Up to the very little details they turned a very "cold" Château to a warm and welcoming place, for the day and for the night. They had a perfect idea on where to place what. It made us and everyone else feel comfortable that day. Even today, everyone thinks back with a smile and still feels the love that was in the air. .........

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