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Eco Friendly Event Planning & Design

"You don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake and making your elopement, wedding or private event eco friendly. I am here to help you navigate the world of green wedding planning and production."

Fiona - Founder and Creative Director

My leitmotiv is to produce sustainable weddings & events.

In the last decade "going green" has meant more than just recycling bottles and avoiding plastic. Eco friendly wedding practices aren't reserved for a niche but for those willing to make a conscious effort to positively impact the world around them.

An eco friendly wedding means taking into highest consideration the environmental impact of planning, service, suppliers and the companies they represent.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, but did you know that it’s also one of the most wasteful?

Not just for the eco-conscious couple, a sustainable event mindset can help to symplify your wedding plans, be potentially more cost effective and enhance the feel good factor on the big day.

For the four consecutive year, I implemented and improved my label, more and more in the planning stages of each event I produced. Now it is my natural way of planning!

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Be thoughtful about your planning process

  • Life is easier when you’ve got people in your corner. The same goes for who to hire as your wedding planner... Héra et Lutèce!
  • Minimize the emails exchange, attached documents plus avoid printing.
  • After the big day, do not hesitate to delete all unnecessary emails & files, even in your trash folder!.

Raise awareness among the suppliers.

  • Reuse flowers if multiday event or opt for dried ones.
  • Rent your decoration with a eco friendly designer... Héra et Lutèce !
  • Reuse decor elements throughout the wedding day.
  • Donate or compost your flowers after your big day.
  • Use more low energy lights.


Choose caterers that support local farmers

  • Avoid single-use dishes and ustensils.
  • Try to keep the food menu seasonal.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption.



Create an eco friendly registry

  • Your decoration elements can be part of your guests gifts.
  • Maybe have your guests donate to a Charity.
  • Or have them choose to wich hospital donate the flowers and some decoration, and to which association give the leftovers.

Challenge yourself to a zero waste treatment after the event

  • Cut out the baloons and floating lanterns.
  • Ditch the sparklers and opt for biodegradable confetti.

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